Stories That Move

Exhibition design; Illustration. 

Stories That Move explores narrative form through an adaptation of a story by author Trudy White. The viewer is invited to participate in a 19th century storytelling medium known as the moving panorama, or crankie. In a crankie performance, an illustrated scroll is cranked across an open frame. Crankies are often accompanied by live music and this crankie is no exception: the movement of the scroll triggers songs and sound effects.

Through the addition of interactive elements, Stories That Move hopes to create a narrative experience that will truly come alive for those who (like the story’s protagonist) come upon this peculiar machine.

Installed in the Fox Gallery at MICA in Spring 2019.

Individual assets were hand drawn, scanned, and then digitally composed into the full illustration.

Tiny mockups allowed me to test the pacing and composition before committing to a full-scale print.

Backstage, a series of slits cut into the scroll allows for lamplight to occasionally pass through and hit the sensors, triggering the next audio file to play.