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A day sketching at the Getty Villa


Neil’s Meals | Kathleen’s Cuisine

My fiance and I co-authored this little cookbook-zine that doubled as an engagement annoucement. To honor our distinctive cooking styles I used different typefaces and page orientations for our respective contributions, which meet in the middle and are bound together with a simple pamphlet stitch.

 Invitations to my dream [DIY-pizza-pie-boogie-down] wedding*

*Hat tip to Carson Ellis and for introducing me to the Victorian Puzzle Purse.
Each of the 5 graphs represents a different era of our lives, charting when we met our wedding guests: a solid-blue teardrop for someone who met Neil; a solid-gold teardrop means they met me; and the colors are overlaid to create green when they have met both of us. The central chart of all green teardrops represents everyone present on our wedding day (when, in fact, many happy [not-green] teardrops were shed)
I collaborated with my fiance, a data scientist, to create the data visualizations on the back of the invitation. I drew them from images he generated using a network layout algorithm that grouped our wedding guests based on their relationships to us and each other. 

Invitations risograph printed at Directangle Press; stop-motion gif by Golden Wild Creative.