Illustrating Region 13

Illustration; Brand identity.

When I started working at Region 13, we were in the midst of redesigning our website. The old website was difficult to navigate and rife with technical language. We needed a site that would better represent our values and serve our clients. My primary contribution to the redesign was developing an illustration style to communicate our new identity: friendly, knowledgeable, and here to help. These illustrations appear throughout our website, as well as in documents, presentations, and marketing campaigns for Region 13.

This project was recognized with a Gold Star Award for Original Art by the Texas Schools Public Relations Association (TSPRA).

Note: the animation above was created in collaboration with the Multimedia team at ESC Region 13.
On a practical note,  ESC Region 13 has a small in-house design team.  While I created the illustrations shown on this page “from scratch”, my teammates also incorporated some stock illustrations as needed. By simplifying elements and adding our signature hand-drawn textures, we developed a strategy for generating illustrations that wasn’t a headache for our team to execute efficiently and consistently.